I live with Swapnil, my co-founder at Pawfect, he is a proud parent of Phoebe, a 2-year-old Labrador.

Yes, it was clicked with food in my hand.

We noticed that being a pet parent in India can be a big task.

From high costs of basic pet necessities and poor conditions of pet hostels to long waiting queues at veterinarians for pet grooming.

We decided to change this.

We plan to bring everything a pet parent needs onto one simple platform.

Need grooming services for your pet? Get them groomed right from the comfort of your home by trusted professionals.

Going out of town for a few days & need a temporary stay for your pet? Book a slot right from the app and your loved one will be picked directly from your house.

Need pet food for the month? Order it on your phone and even get the ability to subscribe to your pet’s favourites.

Need dewormers, anti-ticks and other medicines? Order them in a jiffy.

Looking for pet trainers? Find the best ones in your neighbourhood in an instant.

Sounds like a dream? Leave your email here and we will let you know when we make it come true.

Published by Udit Chugh

Udit is one of the founders at Pawfect. He is ever enthusiastic about tech and is a Computer Science Graduate. Udit is one of those people who has an app for everything and can solve almost every problem with some or other tech.

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